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Money, money, money or debt, debt, debt?

Show me the money! moolah, cash, bucks, green, income, wealth…
Whatever we call it.  Money has an influence in our lives.  And it would seem that most of us love it and hate it at the same time, usually because we haven’t used it as wisely as we can.

In the simplest term if you want more [...]

Improve your health

With this being a new year there are doubtless many who have made a resolution to lose weight, eat healthier, or just in general “improve my health”.
There are countless ways to go about this and the best way for you depends on your body and lifestyle. Most of us are exposed to situations in our [...]

Should we make New Year’s Resolutions?

Yes, the New Year is upon us already.  With that comes the thoughts of what to do this year.
It is a long held tradition of making New Year’s resolutions, or in other words, what am I going to do different or better this year?
Some of the more common resolutions include the following:
Lose Weight
Manage Debt/Get out [...]